We love people, nature, and Japan!
Our company exists today thanks to the support of everyone!
Since our founding, we have striven to create a company in line with the spirit of the “Sanpo Yoshi”, the motto of the ancient Omi merchants. The motto refers to the three “goods”: the “good seller”, the “good buyer”, and the “good world”.
We aim to satisfy both the sellers and buyers, and believe that the most important part of a “good company” is that it also contributes to society; we therefore aim to increase the satisfaction of “employees”, “customers”, and “society”.  
To this end, we are dedicated to customer satisfaction, and will always try to provide low prices as well as high quality service. We hope to continue to impress and bring happiness to both our customers and employees alike, and to support society together. .
We appreciate your continued cooperation and support in the future.
Energy Corporation Representative Director, Kazuya Yamauchi